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FM Breakthrough on Elad FDM-S3

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Re: FM Breakthrough on Elad FDM-S3


Unread post by G0OFE »

OK. so Sutton Coldfield TX is 13km away from you on a bearing of about 140 degrees. I think most front ends would be sweating profusely at this point! 🥵

This, according to FMSCan, is what you are likely to be receiving: ... th=cannock

Looking at your spectrum, a quick look suggests it is clean without any overload, or signals where there shouldn't be. If that is the case, then that's a tribute to how relatively bombproof the S3 is. I'm trying to crunch the numbers to see how strong SC is above the noise, but you've done the scale in S units rather than dBm or dBuV lol. I think if my calcs are correct, R3 is 80-odd dB above the noise.

If FM breakthrough into other bands when the FM antenna is connected is the only problem you have, then you're doing pretty well. A physical antenna switch to switch it out when not needed is probably your best solution.
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Re: FM Breakthrough on Elad FDM-S3


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so, not so "suddenly" after all.... you need to use a attenuator Dave.

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Re: FM Breakthrough on Elad FDM-S3


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Perhaps, just the final few words to say that I did report this to Elad just after my last post. To date, one month later, I have not had any reply.

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