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Re: CW?


Unread post by 4X1RV »

In CWType 3 rows from top you have:
SP: Speed, D/D Dot/dash ratio, ILS: Inter-letter spacing.

change the ILS and Speed to your liking.

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Re: CW?


Unread post by Edwin »

For a CW interface I would opt for a MIDI keyer to keep latency low.


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Re: CW?


Unread post by PD3LK »

Indeed Edwin, i'm not a trained CW'r but via midi works nicely. In SparkSDR for example it's possible to programm the touch-sensitive-volume-sliderknob on my Behringer midi controller as a CW key. Not a serious replacement for a real key but the latency is indeed low, listning to your own keying doesn't make you crazy.

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Re: CW?


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I use Morse Keyer V4.3, keyed through a COM-port from an external keyer. I use the external keyer's sidetone because otherwise the latency is too high. In Morse Keyer V4.3 you can adjust thw tone envelope rise/fall time to make the tone smoothe and click-free. Tone output is fed into SDR-Console.

Vy 73

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Re: CW?


Unread post by Edwin »

An updatet version of the K3NG keyer with MIDI output, serial (COM) and low-latency sidetone audio via USB on a Teensy 4.0


73, Edwin.

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