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Good day....I have never been part of any forum, in the past 30 years..So If I make mistakes forgive me...
Any ways, my question is as follows.
-OS is Windows 10 latest build, as SDR Console also latest build.
-Radio Ettus N210.
As per usual doing a search on the net proved only to be a wast of time. Not like it used to be, saturated with plenty of plagiarism and nonsense...
Does SDR Console support the N210?. As I do a search for the device, I get a pop up with a bug report..so not going to function.
USRP1 and N210 are operational.
Is there a solution?
And lastly I'm disappointed that the transmit functions do no work with the above mentioned "STATE OF THE ART" SDR radio's

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Re: N210


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DF5VAE Charly
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Re: N210


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to my (limited) knowledge most of the major Hardware is identical for USRP 200 & 210 - only the FGPA in the 210 is larger (more complex)

I never had problems with either of my N200 using UDH 3.15 or now UHD 4.00 (Windows 7/64) hardwaredriver and the corresponding image/firmware.

When I used SDR console for the first time a year or more ago, with an Ettus N200 I also got an error message that SDR console expected another Ettus image version -
It was quite comfortable as UHD provided below the error mesage in SDR console the complete command line necessary to update (flash) the firmware.

Didn't really feel comfortable flashing new firmware the first time - but now its easily done as I have prepared a number of bachtfiles .

Needed to install "usb.lib" files even though the N200 and N210 use 1G copper network (or as minimum 1G network switch)

Charly, DF5VAE

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