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HL2 TX Issues 15m

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HL2 TX Issues 15m


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I have one of the latest build HL2 transceivers connected to the latest SDR-Console. I use the K5FR VSP and the latest WSJT-X software. On all the bands from 80m to 10m I can operate the digital modes without issues. HL2 is set for 5W no , over modulation etc. On 15m I have a problem, the HL2 goes into TX mode and outputs RF on the first TX cycle from WSJT but then things goes wonky. The next TX rounds the HL2 goes into transmit but no RF output at all. I found if I close WSJT and start up again the the RF is back until the second TX cycle.

Any brilliant ideas?

Johan ZS6JPL

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Re: HL2 TX Issues 15m


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Hi Johan

The fact you have problems only on one frequency leads me to think you have some RF getting into the system somewhere on that frequency.

What is antenna and how is it matched?

I have similar issues on 7 MHz but it's clearly an issue with my (soon to be replaced) temporary lash-up antenna system causing too much RF floating about. On all other bands no issues at all!



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