WinRadio G-31 Excalibur Gain; Software Implementation ?

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WinRadio G-31 Excalibur Gain; Software Implementation ?


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Hi Simon,

Thanks again for all the work to support the WinRadio G-31 Excalibur. Very appreciated.
Will be great to use the radio again, with Console.

Regarding the Excalibur Gain, from a previous Post:

I understand that typically the Gain is handled "automatically" by the hardware pre-amp.

But, as I remembered, and verified by digging up the old Manual, there are additional Gain adjustments
that were implemented in their software.

I remember, barely, that they were useful, and nice to have.

Respectfully, does it make any sense to implement comparable (software) gain adjustments in a rev. to SDR Console, if,
it being in software only, the S/N would stay the same, and nothing would be gained ?

Below are a few excerpts from the G-31 Manual. I can send you a link to the complete one if you would like:

Best regards, and thanks also for All the past help, and explanations. Can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy using Console.

Manual Gain
The Manual gain mode can be enabled using the Manual button, which is
mutually exclusive with the AGC button. In this mode, the gain can be adjusted manually to the desired value using the Gain control:
The Gain tab contains several controls to adjust various gain-related settings of the receiver.
**The gain is a software parameter, and can be set separately.
The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) acts upon the digitally down-converted
and filtered demodulator passband, in order to keep the signal coming to the
demodulator at a constant level.
This is in fact functionally similar to AGC typically implemented in conventional
receivers, which also works on the IF signal prior to demodulation. The
difference is that in a conventional receiver this is implemented in hardware
while in the Excalibur it is a software function.for each of the three virtual receivers.

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