Analyzer Span width

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Analyzer Span width


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I would like to be able to see a larger frequency span in BC-FM. Currently with the bandwidth set to 1MHz that is all it will display in the analyzer regardless of the frequency span. Makes sense. BUT. I would like to display a 3MHz bandwidth and a 3MHz span. However everyone now sounds like chipmunks. What am I missing, this works fine in HDSDR.
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Re: Analyzer Span width


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RTL dongle? Stop the RX, press "Select Radio" button in the menu bar, select the dongle, select a bandwidth of 2.4 Msps or less for best results. Some people think it works fine for them at 3 Msps. I've never seen an rtl dongle work at more than 2.4 Msps without dropping samples. That's based on the 10 or so dongles I have floating around here.


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