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Lock TX

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Lock TX


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Running Lime SDR that I am setting up as a TX for the amateur HF frequencies. I would like to also use it as general coverage HF receiver but would prefer to be able to either lock the TX completely or lock it just to the Amateur bands (preferred). Currently I have no TX antenna plugged in and no TX antenna selected (0 drive level) but once I have the TX side running I would like to be able to have that above safety mechanism - otherwise I can't use it as a general coverage RX safely.

Is that possible ?


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Re: Lock TX


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There is no need to lock transmitter to receiver. Decouple them and browse happily. On the TX panel look at the "Sync TX" latching button. If illuminated they are synced, which could be a TX problem issue. If not illuminated the TX frequency does not depend on the RX frequency. You can, of course, couple the TX out on the Lime to a dummy load and experiment to confirm what I say here.

(The upper Sync TX button addresses frequency synchronization. The lower one synchronizes modes.)


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Re: Lock TX


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This is what Steve asked JD ;) :
"lock the TX completely or lock it just to the Amateur bands (preferred)"

A TX prohibit button would be a good idea when one has only a RX-only antenna connected or little children in the house....

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Re: Lock TX


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There's no way to disable TX atm.
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