SDR Console stopped working back in February.
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SDR Console stopped working back in February.


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Hello Everyone,

My SDR console stopped working back in February, Since then, I reinstalled the old version multiple times without result. I also uninstalled and reinstalled with same result. Downloaded the latest version (January 22) with no luck. Followed instruction to create a crash dump and sent to Simon Brown. I Here is the reply from Simon:

The latest kit is here: . Please use it and create the crash dump which I can analyse.

Simon Brown, G4ELI"

Well the dump file was from the latest version!!


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Re: SDR Console stopped working back in February.


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Forgive me if I sound harsh, but if you say SDR Console stopped working with no other hints of what is really happening…
Would be same as telling us your car stopped working, with no mention of whether it's out of gas, dead battery, tires flat, transmission is seized, or the engine grenaded. Having said that…
What SDR are you using?
Does the computer see the SDR (do you get the telltale USB beep when plugging it in)?
Does it appear in Windows Device Manager?
Does it light up if it has LED(s)?
Have you tried a different USB cable (some SDR’s are rather finicky with a voltage drop)?
Can you build a definition for the SDR?
Attaching screen shots using the ‘Screen Shot’ tool in SDRC, not using a cellphone camera goes a long way allowing us to see what’s going on. To attach images, you have to hit ‘Full Editor & Preview’ button below the text box in this forum to see the attachment button.

73 Kriss KA1GJU
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Re: SDR Console stopped working back in February.


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With luck there's a screenshot in the crash dump file. I have a couple to look at.

Nick - sometime it's necessary to reinstall the C++ redistributables, these can be corrupted. Info is on the downloads page.
Simon Brown :shock:

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