Pacman side view

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Pacman side view


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Well that's what i think it looks like travelling across the screen , they can go up (left to right) or down (right to left) and a laugh to look at , also associated with a "chirp" sound .

They be an Ionosonde if anyone was wondering , one can see them in groups following each other or just single ones all depending on what the propagation is like as since they are sending strait up at the transmitter (vertical) and at a certain point depending on the MUF (maximum useable frequency) the rest of the frequency range transmitted will head on straight out into outta space , what one gets on the screen is more than likely back-scatter bouncing off the ionosphere at or below the MUF or more and depending where the transmitter is , there are heaps on the 19m band at the moment , the cycle seems to be around 4 minutes .

Picture included , pacman is in the red circles going up , i have seen up to 4 on screen following each other as well as 2 going down all at the same time , funny imo :D , cheers

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