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Let me cite the lyrics in the first lines of the first tune on side 2 of the B,S & T album B, S & T 3 (1970).
Some of you might remember this album.

I have been kind of active here with quite a few posts recently. You might have seen some of them.

I felt that it might be appropriate with a short introduction of myself.
I have cherished my ham call sign SM6FHZ since 1973. I have mainly been active on VHF and up, but done some diverges to
160 m CW, 10 m CW and 6 m. I was quite active on 6 m from 1990 and earned DXCC certificate No 172 during Solar Cycle 22.

I have been QRV on EME since 1984 with some breaks. Bands have been, and still are, 432, 1296, 2304 (no longer) and 5760 MHz.

My intensified activity on this forum might be a consequence of the fact that I retired from my occupation in the industry
as an Antenna System Engineer, in the spring this year. The last seven years I have been involved in the development of antenna
systems for 5G, mainly at mm-waves.

When I got more time available for my own activities, I have worked with SDR's and antennas at my Summer / EME QTH to be
remotely accessible when I am not there. Hence my questions and focus on SDR-server, IP-access, remote antenna switching etc.
Not being familiar with the IP-world before it has been quite a journey, where I have learnt a lot about IP, Firewalls, Port Forwarding etc.
I have a few different SDR-boxes, among them a AFEDRI Net that I like a lot. It has proven to be productive for me in MW DX-ing,
a branch I have taken up now but started in small scale as a teenager. The equipment has improved a lot since then, at least for me.

The above might explain some of my questions and proposals. I hope you all will bear with me and my postings and I promise not to be
superfluous nor nefarious in my stream of postings here.

I wish all members of this forum Happy Holidays and a HNY 2021!

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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