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RTL-SDR tuning gets out of sync

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RTL-SDR tuning gets out of sync


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Ok, while writing this post I remembered I should try a different USB port, obviously it fixed the problem after I had written this post. So I decided to upload it anyways as a reminder to try a different port.

Hi there,
I'm having the issue that SDR-Console gets out of sync with the RTL-SDR stick. I am tuned to the correct frequency right after starting, but whenever I try to change it, it usually changes the displayed frequency, but the actual tuned frequency didn't change. I have 3 screenshots and a video.
I start the radio tuned to 91.3 MHz (a local station)
Then I tune to 491.3 MHz (which worked)
Then I try to tune back to 91.3 MHz (which did not work, same waterfall as 491.3)
Here's a video:
2021-01-01 16-02-49.mp4
(38.51 MiB) Not downloaded yet
Things I have tried:
  • Reset using the provided tool
  • Reinstall
System info:
  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • Windows 10 20H2
  • NooElec nesdr SMArtee RTL-SDR

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