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S meter calibration

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Re: S meter calibration


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jdow wrote:
Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:18 am
Hm, you must actually be a ways out of town. Apeldoorn is a significant interchange point. It has lines into it from the West, South, and two from the East. That's why I figured they'd be a pain for you. That they aren't is a surprise and gratification. (A train driver named Vincent posts videos of the view from the cab as he drives the train. It shows pretty Dutch countryside and relatively often goes through Apeldoorn.) I guess the trains that do go through town are few enough that they are not a serious problem for hams.

I do have some steady qrm but never thought about the railroad net. Will do some tests outside in spring!. Apeldoorn isn't a big central station like Utrecht in the center of the NL but the trains that do come here are not high speed like the ones between Amsterdam - Paris. I do live 50m away from one of the railroads to the city center but no qrm, only diesel loc's on that trail :)

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