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Airspy ?

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Airspy ?


Unread post by Robert11 »


Does Console support the Airspy SDR's ?
If so, all models ?

Any thoughts on Airspy (model ?) vs a RSPdx ? Pros and cons, etc. ?


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Re: Airspy ?


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Airspy HF+ / Discovery performs a lot better than RSPs in my opinion. I've had no overload issues with the HF+ / Discovery at all.
RSPs better than the older Airspys as a rule, less overload and will cover HF without having to use an extra extender.

Airspy HF+ / Discovery.. Pro: More sensitive and no overload, here at least. Cons: Smaller bandwidth (max 912khz), doesnt cover 6m, and not much above 200Mhz or so (cant remember the exact cutoff)

SDRPlays... Pros: Big bandwidth, up to 10Mhz, and covers up to 2 Ghz. Cons: Susceptible to overload, you have to be careful with gain settings.

Others may have different opinions.. your mileage may vary depending on location and interests.
Jim, Bournemouth IO90BR

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Re: Airspy ?


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As always, thanks for help.
Much appreciated.

Might you give me please a few words on the differences between
the HF+ Discovery and the HF+ Dual Port ?

I've looked, really, but can't find a good summary sheet comparing the two of them.

Is the HF+ Discovery the latest and greatest now available ? How does one handle it only having a single ant. port ?

Is the Dual Port the "exact" same unit, but has the two Ports ? (SDR# selectable: one for <30 MHz and one for VHF: Correct ?)

Best regards, stay well,

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Re: Airspy ?


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Hello Bob,

I have both on my servers (KA1GJU Super Stations). If you are into VHF/UHF the dual port is handy since no antenna switch required when going from HF to VHF/UHF. Which is good for server operations since users will not have control over any physical switch to choose antennas. I recently found an HF/VHF&UHF duplexer, so I can add a VHF/UHF antenna to Super Station #4, to get more VHF/UHF capabilities. Just have to climb tower and install an antenna at the 60' level, but been too cold, snowy, and windy lately!

The Airspy Discovery is slightly more sensitive in the low frequencies (VLF up to 160m as I recall) as published on W1VLF's Youtube videos. You will find it WAY easier to operate versus the SDRPlay series when using SDR Console. The Airspy has ONE gain control (Radio AGC ON, Attenuator OFF, Pre-Amp OFF and the DSP AGC ON) where the SDRPlay has Three gains to fiddle with (DSP AGC ON). See attached photo of BOTH in operation at the same time.
In the attached photo, I was on KA1GJU Super Station #4. Running both the Airpsy Discovery and the SDRPlay RS1A at the same time. With much adjustments of the three different gain settings on the SDRPlay, I managed to get the two running almost similar. That server, because of the SDRPlay unit being hosted, has an AM BC filter in line to tame all the garbage that the SDRPlay will hear in the lower bands. The filter is from Paul, W1VLF's Youtube video and does a great job taming the harmonics and other images the SDRPlay would normally be plagued with.

So to answer your question, either one of the Airspy units won't let you down! As the owner/operator of 8 Airspy HF+ and discoveries, I highly recommend either one.

73 Kriss KA1GJU
Home of the Super Stations of SDR Console Servers!

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