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Auto transmit mute and iq not working

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:43 pm
by Mag loop Simon
Hi Simon

Yaesu ftdx1200.. omnrig elad duo.. serial to usb adapter Sdrc 3.025 using duo as panadapter and added rx capability.

Everything perfect.except mute audio and reduce iq data by x does not work.

Can setup mute by transmit options/ mute rx during transmit via “ normal” operation on sdrc, but this does not work well..varied output levels (5-400w)really local hams etc. This causes auto mute if local hams come on air etc..

Any ideas? Tried everything..


Re: Auto transmit mute and iq not working

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:06 am
by Simon G4ELI
Use the Wideband DSP option: Ribbon bar, Home, Wideband.

Personally I wouldn't use the DUO as the panadapter, I'd use it as the receiver, it's a far superior receiver.

Screenshots always help me understand the settings you have chosen.

Re: Auto transmit mute and iq not working

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:14 am
by Mag loop Simon
thank you...found it..

re screenshots...sdrc will not take a screenshot of what i am looking in if i open a window say for transmit just takes screenshot of main display..transmit options will not be shown..hense i did not post it up.see attached screenshot.this was taken with transmit options window open

Question..why is there in transmit options an auto mute tick box with level settings if there is a tick box for auto mute on ribbon bar?
i was unticking the auto mute in transmit options thinking rx auto mute is now off..
There must be a difference between them which is?? as i have no idea and its had me banging my head against the wall so to speak.

yes the duo may well be a better rx, and indeed i tend you use that for listening, but the tx on the yaesu is rather good..and its nice to have a proper vfo.
so best of both worlds..

mag loop Simon..

p.s. now having "fun" trying to setup up ft8 with the duo and got it..just need to work out why split operation does not work..enable it and everytime i tx it drops 1khz..then another omnirig for cat operation.)

Re: Auto transmit mute and iq not working

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:27 am
by Simon G4ELI
The ribbon bar options are general, specific to all SDRs. The DUO TX Options are only for the DUO.

Screenshots work for the main window and anything docked to it.

Re: Auto transmit mute and iq not working

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:17 am
by Mag loop Simon
Hi Simon

Thank you for replying..

Then i guess the ribbon controls are the “ master” if i switch something off in tx options bit its ticked to on on the ribbon bar then its on!

Boy sdrc has so many bits to learn! Very complicated and sometimes confusing.

However one should be proud of it! Still by far the best sdr program I have tried. Compared to elad sw2 its in another league..

Shame though elad didnt give a variable front end gain on the the hl2 has..that is a very useful function on the hl2. ( can almost get rid of all the white noise but still hear the dx, ( much less tiring when listening,) something i have yet to be able to do with the duo.)..of course they may be something in sdrc i have missed to do this!..

Thank you for your support and sdrc..MLS ( not that mls!! Lol.)