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SDR-Console with Integrated Intel Xe Graphics

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SDR-Console with Integrated Intel Xe Graphics


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I have recently moved to a new ultrabook computer, a Lenovo Thinkbook 13s Gen 2. This notebook has the Intel i7-1165G7 processor with 96 EUs on the integrated Xe graphics. I've previously run SDR-Console on an nVidia dedicated GPU with CUDA enabled. I was curious as to how this new CPU would perform.

The CPU and GPU usage with SDR-Console is excellent. With Open GL enabled, CPU usage is around 0.4% and peaks around 0.6%. As to the integrated graphics, the 3D engine runs at 11% with very little variance. While only a few of these new 11th generation low-power Intel chips (not the H chips that were announced last week and have far more power) have 96 EUs and most have 80 EUs, I'd guess that those chips will still be at 20% GPU or less.

So in this current predicament of dedicated GPU scarcity, it looks like we actually have a good series of chips with integrated graphics. Of course, having very tight, efficient code makes a big difference too!

Bob Sillett, W4RLS

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