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AFEDRI LAN control communication

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AFEDRI LAN control communication


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Hi Simon.
I wonder how the handshaking is done in the communication with the AFEDRI LAN.
I have experienced lock-ups two times when using the AFEDRI LAN remote over WAN (100/100 Mbit/s at both ends).
I have "stopped" the radio from my listening end of the remote WAN circuit and after that the AFEDRI is not possible to contact.
When checking at the remote site the AFEDRI still delivers full rate of IQ-data. It has not been stopped by my command to stop the radio.
It does not happen every time I stop the AFEDRI, just now and then (i.e. two times so far).
It does not help to close SDRC (all instances) and start again.
Is there a check done in the communication that the AFEDRI has acknowledged the "stop" command?
I have not tried to shut down the whole listening computer to see if that helps, but it would be good if you do not have to do that in order to break the AFEDRI transmission.
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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