WxtoImg and SDR-Console.

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WxtoImg and SDR-Console.


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Some questions on use of SDR-Console and WxtoImg, I've had some success and a lot of frustration trying to get the best from NOAA passes.

I'm using SDR-Console V3.1 Build 2572, RSPDx and VBCable to route the audio from SDR-Console to WxtoImg and the SDR_Console Satellite function for automatic frequency selection.

Q1. What sampling rate is optimal, I note that WXtoImg last release shows 16 bit as the highest rate option, given that the Beta release shows 44100 is 16 bit 44100khz is the best to use.

Q2. DOes the sampling rate down the audio chain need to be the same of should the sampling rate be higher at the start or both the cable in and out sample rates identical? e.g. VB cable in 44100, 0ut 44100 or say VB BCable in 96000 cable out 44100.

Q3. Does SDR-Console have a sample rate, or is that determined by VB-Cable and other connected devices?.

Q4. Given that WxtoImg has PLL fiunctionality should the dopper correction be turned off in SDR-Console?



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