Automatic Recording Satellite - version 3.2

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Automatic Recording Satellite - version 3.2


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Hello - I'm trying to understand how to set up SDR-Console's satellite tool to automatically record satellite I/Q data based on the schedule. I can't quite figure out how to set up and enable automatic recording. I opened the Automatic Scheduler window, clicked on the Schedule button, choose several satellites, click OK to close the window and then press the On/Off button to show 'On'. My expectation is that I would find wav files in the directory configured in the Recording Tab / Options button after the pass. However, this doesn't seem to work for me.

If I click on Home Tab / Enable Tracking, SDR-Console records the I/Q data for the selected satellite during the passes. (I think I also had Recording Tab / Data /Automatic enabled, but now I'm confused!

So -which buttons need to be pressed to enable automatic I/Q recording of the satellites listed in the Automatic Schedule window? I have found the following buttons that may or may not be associated with what I'm trying to do.

Home Tab / Enable Tracking - does this enable Automatic Schedule recording? Or, only recording of the satellite in the main tracking window?

Automatic Schedule Window - ON/OFF Button - I think this should enable automatic scheduling, but it doesn't work for me. Is there another button that should be enabled?

Recording Tab / Data /Automatic - What does this enable?

SDR Console Main Window / Rec/Playback / Data::Scheduler / Start - does this button have anything to do with the satellite recording?

The radio (SDRPlay) is started and running.

Thanks for your help. This automatic recording is a feature I can't find elsewhere.


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Re: Automatic Recording Satellite - version 3.2


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I have exactly the same question. Have you found an answer yet?

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