Add RIT control to Midi

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Add RIT control to Midi


Unread post by DG7YEO »

I use 2 different Midi boards to controll SDR-C for my QO-100 Pluto-SDR and what I miss most often is to control the RIT via a rotary-encoder, option to reset RIT by pressing the rotary-concoder button.

I use RIT very often if the station I RX will not match my TX frequency or drifting while they TX so that I don't change my own TX frequency.

If RIT control via Midi could be included in a future SDR-C version would be great.


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Re: Add RIT control to Midi


Unread post by jdow »

Quite some time ago I suggested setting up MIDI controls for substantially every control on the screen. With distinct controls the user can build macros to do most anything. The concept still seems sound to me.


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Re: Add RIT control to Midi


Unread post by F4CIB »

Especially when working split, having such a feature would be a real advantage to have this RIT available from MIDI.
It has always been painfull with large pileups to listen from 5 to whatever.
I finally ended by listening only 5up but many times callers are not exactly on freq, and if you need to jump from logger screen to radio control screen you are not efficient in pileup handling (and potentially log some unwanted errors, OK this one is more related to the operator !).
as requested by jdow, porting all the controls should satisfy everybody...

A LOCK feature would be nice as well but this is out of topic as it is not (yet !) an SDR Console feature.

73 de Franck, F4CIB

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Re: Add RIT control to Midi


Unread post by do7int »

Would be great if you're going to implement RIT via MIDI.
BTW: Please add also XIT via MIDI.

73 de Joerg, DO7INT

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Re: Add RIT control to Midi


Unread post by zs6jpl »

I use a home built MIDI controller and it really makes my life so easy when working contacts on QO-100 with the Pluto and SSB contacts on the Hermes-Lite2 while sitting back and talking. It will be so awesome to have RIT on the MIDI controller then you don't have to visit the computer anymore. Great idea if Simon has some spare time at hand.

Johan Lehmann

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