Frequency Database Display Grid Configuration

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Frequency Database Display Grid Configuration


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This is a well-integrated feature with column sizing and flexible filters. Various past enhancement requests have been incorporated.
If Simon can find time, here are my own "favourite" ideas to go further.

  • (small matter) Highlight the column header row.
  • Applying or removing filters often destroys the current column width settings. Can they always be preserved?
  • It seems that clicking any of the top 4 checkboxes ("Enable" or against any target column selector) refreshes the grid content. Can this be disabled until "Apply" is clicked?
  • It seems that the filters operate as "contains" any character or string in the text box (sometimes not adequate). Could we have the option of "initial match"?
  • Add a new frequency filter option, pre-filled with current frequency, plus user-supplied "tolerance".
Column re-ordering:
  • Drag any column to a new position.
  • Add a dialogue similar to Filter, with multi-column sort and individual Asc/Desc.
    (To cope with a possibly frequent initial sort by frequency, with or without Source, at least 5 levels would be preferred.)
Thanks for reading.
Paul White (Grumpy Old Git)

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