Q900 SDR Radio

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Q900 SDR Radio


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Hi, I recently purchased a Guohedz Q900 transceiver. So far so good, but the amateur band frequencies are truncated on several bands (e.g., 40 meters is only 7000 to 7200 KHz. Is there some way to correct this to transmit on all amateur frequencies, I don't understand why, for instance, they would design the transceiver even to work on CB, but not amateur frequencies! Can you help? Thanks, and 73, KD4CNO

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Re: Q900 SDR Radio


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Hello Gene

Unfortunately you are in the wrong forum for your issue. This forum is specifically for support of the SDR Console SDR software written by Simon Brown G4ELI.

You might be better posting your issue in the QRZ.com forums, SDR section:

https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?forums ... o-sdr.120/



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