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Feature Request: Multiple in and output devices

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Feature Request: Multiple in and output devices


Unread post by DL5CV »

Hi Simon,

i would like to have two input channels and two output channels.

Pair 1: Microphone and Headphone
Pair 2: Virtual Audio Cables

It wouldn't be necessary to reconfigure these settings when switching over from SSB to Digi Modes.

It could be made configurable which input is used when. For example PTT over Midi could be used for the microphone input and the CAT ptt control for the virtual audio cable. It would also be nice to configure which channel should use vox.

Audio Output should be always to both devices with the possibility to mute the headphone.

Do you think that would be practical?

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Re: Feature Request: Multiple in and output devices


Unread post by PD3LK »

Hi, we already have 3 TX selectors in the TX DSP: Normal, DX and Other. You can choose the input that you want to use for each one, f.e. i use Other for all digital tx modes via VAC.
Each button automaticly saves the settings like, Input selection, VOX, Gain, Proc.

The Audio Output setting is not saved by these TX selections but i never missed that cos i use a small USB mixer for the table mike and headphone.

PTT over Midi is allways possible (i use a midi foot switch) even parallel to PTT over CAT. I think, let's keep it that way but maybe i misunderstood something. (i'm famous for that)

regards, Leon

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