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Digital Modes, and Future ?

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 4:51 pm
by Robert11

A most Happy New Year's Simon, and to all.

a. Any thoughts to adding any additional digital modes ?
If so, which ?

e.g., the aero ones, Navtex, etc. perhaps ?

b. What's being contemplated for the next few releases to mid year ? (Scanner ?)

Regards, stay well, and thanks again for this truly wonderful software,

Re: Digital Modes, and Future ?

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:11 am
by Max
Hi Bob

Hope all good with you.

Have you tried YaND for Navtex? It is very quick to set up (using a VAC - virtual audio cable, to feed it from SDRC) and works very well:
(scroll to bottom for YaND download and PDF manual)

All the best


Re: Digital Modes, and Future ?

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 5:25 pm
by Robert11

Good to hear from you.
Hope you are all well.

Will try your suggestion. Thanks for pointing me to it.

Thinking to also perhaps give it a try with Multipsk.
Still trying to figure out the interface. Boy, talk about "daunting," and, in my opinion,
totally non user friendly.

But would really like to learn it, so will put some hours into it.
Certainly an "incredible" program, with apparently a very
responsive author, and user group.

Will see how it goes.

My other "project," is to really learn SDRUno, finally, as well as Console, which I'm
fairly comfortable with now.

Best regards, stay in touch,

Re: Digital Modes, and Future ?

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:22 pm
by Max
Hi again Bob

Yep, all good here thank you. Assume maybe you know that SDRC already has built-in decoder for RTTY and PSK? Although admittedly it's not the subject of much discussion on here so easily missed! Just one click away to turn it on (see attachment - sorry, could not find an RTTY signal to show working, not even meteo for some reason).

Just in case you never used it, select USB mode and then tune signal of interest right in middle of USB passband (maybe with a narrow filter bandwidth suited to the RTTY signal of interest). This puts the signal you are listening to just inside the left edge of the decoder window. Any other visible signal further to the right in the decoder window (higher in frequency) can be clicked on and decoded, but only the one shown extreme left in the decoder is heard in the USB filter. i.e. the filter width set in the RX DSP panel is totally irrelevant to decoding ability, only set to be able to tune and hear/identify one audible signal as above. Hope it makes sense.

Truth be told PSK(31) used to be very popular but in my experience at least seems to have been almost totally taken over on ham bands by FT8. I hardly ever hear PSK these days. Shame, because PSK is great as a "chat" mode. FT8 is just a QSO collector. OK for just collecting stats but not the greatest social invention! However, due to it's popularity FT8 can be heard at any time of day a band is open, so useful in that respect, and an FT8 contact is always available to made made pretty much any tome of day or night.



From Bob, Followup: Re: Digital Modes, and Future ?

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:54 am
by Robert11

Yes, my next little project, I think, is to see if I can pick anything up with the
two digital modes directly already in Console.

I think multitask is just too much for me these days.

Might take a look at Sigmira too.

Have never really played with the digital "stuff," so will
be interesting.