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Playing recordings

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Playing recordings


Unread post by MikeF »

Hi Simon,

I am wondering if there's a possibility you could add a feature to the playing of IQ recordings in SDRC. I don't know if you're familiar with SDR#'s File Player, that gives the user the option to highlight a full bandwidth slice of the recording on the waterfall and a new waterfall is opened containing just that slice. It makes is so easy to look at e.g. MS pings, and be able to loop.

Many thanks


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Re: Playing recordings


Unread post by pauldbnut »

If that is ever implemented, might there be any support for the idea of using such a waterfall highlighting method as the bandwidth/period "box" starting-point to launch the Datafile Editor?

[BTW, just checked Future (To-Do) list and found plenty of additions since my last look. Great ideas! Would it be worth making that into a pinned post in a forum here, helping to avoid duplicate "new feature" requests? Might also serve as topics against which to add feature detail suggestions?]
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Re: Playing recordings


Unread post by G0OFE »

I think the analyser in V2 had that facility..

Agree it would be a nice feature to be able to draw a box and have the contents presented in greater detail in a 2nd window.
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