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Spectrum: Frequency and RX Details

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Spectrum: Frequency and RX Details


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Under the View menu, we have Options : Spectrum : "Show frequency and RX details (checkbox)". I don't think there's a shortcut to switch this on/off?

It reminds me of View : Waterfall Extras, with its easy access to toggling "Frequency" and "Statistics". Would it be a big pain to add a "Spectrum Extras", with "Show frequency and RX details (checkbox)"?

In either case, could it be worthwhile to extend "RX details" to cover any of the following? The idea is to make videos and screenshots more informative without the DSP panel in view.

* Binaural
* Pseudo Stereo
* Tuning Step
* AGC (on/off)
* Maybe even a few others?

A further refinement might be individual enables under View : Options : Spectrum, with Frequency also selected independently of RX Details.
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