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Logging: DXLab (DX Keeper) versus Log4OM?

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Logging: DXLab (DX Keeper) versus Log4OM?


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Done a bit of research into logging software. I have decided that for me the choice will be between DX Keeper (and the whole DX Lab Suite) and Log4OM. Support for both appears to be excellent from the relative originators so that's taken as read.

Just to be clear, I am not really interested in any comments that relate to other logging software. I know everyone will have their favourites, but my question is ONLY related to comparison between the above two and how they play nicely (or not) with SDRC?

So is anyone on here using one or the other (or tried both?) with SDRC and if so I am very interested to hear your findings. My rig with SDRC is Hermes Lite 2 (HL2) so again, not interested in any other interface options to external rigs etc. More interested in how they work with standalone SDR operation, HL2, Anan, Elad etc.

Any thoughts or experiences appreciated.

Many thanks


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