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RX-888 mk2 firmware upgrade?

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Mark PA5EN
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RX-888 mk2 firmware upgrade?


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Hi everybody,

The firmware that the RX-888 and RX-888 mk2 loads on startup when using SDR-Console v3.0.27 seems to be rather old (probably ExtIO_sddc.dll v1.1.0 for use on HDSDR).
The version v1.2 RC1 was released but had some bugs and the last and perfect working version is now v1.2.0.

Only one problem, one of the changes in v1.2 RC1 firmware was the following:
-The tuner IF center frequency is moved to 4.570 MHz that is the standard for RT820T.
-We were using 5 MHz before when we did not have yet fine tune ability. (#159)

When loading this firmware and using SDR-Console the tuner frequencies are shifted by 430 kHz now which of course is the difference in IF center frequency. Some people has also noticed this shift.

One of the important changes that were introduced with v1.2.0 was the following:
-Fix the crosstalk HF <-> VHF/UHF issue #177

The RX-888 mk2 unit I have, has that crosstalk problem on both HDSDR and SDR-Console and both were fixed with the use of this last firmware.
Everything works fine now but the 430 kHz shift on SDR-Console is a problem I cannot resolve.

Are there any plans to upgrade SDR-Console for this v1.2.0 firmware?

Best regards,
Mark PA5EN

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