Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection

Also known as ADALM-PLUTO.
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Re: Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection


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Attn Joanne

Are you using a Pluto connected via Ethernet?
David M0TGC

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Re: Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection


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hi jdow,

All theory you wrote is correct, I agree with and also know that too ..., just one thing ...
"What you have set can never work"

I alredy put like this :
I have to tell you It works anyway ... I put 5 port switch between local Linksys switch, the main problem was NEW 0.5m RJ45/RJ45 cable (damage as new) ... I change it and ... We solved this case ...
Picture is snapshot from browser now ...

Id like to thank you for all your time and help about ...
73 Simon S53K

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Re: Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection


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Hi S53K Simon.
Congratulations for finding your problem and making it work as you wanted!
I have been following this thread with great interest as I have been having thoughts for some time to try to run my Pluto clone (Justin Peng incarnation of Pluto) over Ethernet.
However, I have been reluctant to start as I was not sure how and if it would work and what HW to use for it.
Now when you have succeeded could you please describe what HW you have been using, how you have connected it all and how you have set up the SW and addresses.
Screenshots of each step would be a treat for those that want to give it a try.
A list of files that have to be modified and where to find these files (for us that not are knowledgeable in this area) would be of great help.
There are parts of this in the thread but too fragmented and incomplete information to fully guide me to success.
Many thanks in advance.
73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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Re: Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection


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Ingolf, SM6FHZ

Connecting a Pluto via Ethernet is really not complicated. You have to connect the Pluto to the same lan as the pc running SDRC and make sure the pc can see and ping the Pluto.

First you connect the Pluto to your pc via usb cable and edit the config.txt file that you will find in the root of the usb drive that appears as an external usb drive in File Manager. The change to the config.txt file is simply to assign the Pluto an ip address by editing the USB_ETHERNET section:

ipaddr_eth =
netmask_eth =

The ip address you assign to the Pluto needs to be in the same subnet as your pc, in my case my pc address is and so I chose for the Pluto. Obviously it needs to be a free address!

After editing the config.txt you eject the usb drive and then connect via ethernet on the same lan as your pc. I have the pc and Pluto both plugged into a powered ethernet port hub.

At this point your pc should be able to ping the Pluto's ip address. If it does not get a response then there is a connectivity problem somewhere. In Simon S53K's case that was a cable fault.

Then you setup a radio definition in SDRC (home tab, select radio, definitions, add) choosing the DLL: PlutoSDR and set the address box to "ip:<the ip address you have chosen>", in the example above it would be "ip:" (without the quotes).

That is all there is to do apart from the RX/TX converter to correct the displayed frequencies, I use RX: 9750.000.000 and TX: 8089.500.000.

If your Jason Peng version is totally compatible with Pluto then this should work with that as well.

Good luck.
David M0TGC

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Re: Pluto, SDR C.3.1xx & USB_LAN connection


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I have the same problem, my pluto cannot connect to the network.

I followed the instructions from DD1US Mathias, see attachment.

I bought following items:

USB 2.0 OTG adapter cable with external power input and a usb-ethernet adapter

I changed the config.txt as discribed.

I also saw the video that is posted here.

I also filled in a IP adres in [USB_ETHERNET], even with a blank IP adress it's not working.

USB connection pluto to pc and SDRconsole is working ok.

All help is welcome.

73 - Rudi - ON7CL
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