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NN3RP Server Up

Announce the status of your server(s) here please.
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NN3RP Server Up


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I have just setup my server for public access. It is using SDRPlay / Loop antenna.

It took me a few to realized why it was not connecting to the outside world. I had thought the Firewall and Router was properly configured initially but it was not. Reviewing the settings allowed me to see what was missed. This setup is temporary (test setup) as I am planning to move the server to a different PC.

Enjoy DX

Rafael / NN3RP
Nation's Capital USA

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Re: NN3RP Server Up


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Works as it should, just tested it. Thank you!
Looks like some strong 41.7KHz spaced QRM. Switching power supply nearby?

73 Kriss KA1GJU
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