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Black Cat Systems DX Toolbox & SDR Console

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Black Cat Systems DX Toolbox & SDR Console


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Hello, friends...

I learned yesterday that one of my favorite DX tools (quite literally named DX Toolbox) has CAT commands implemented using the Kenwood TS2000 protocol and therefore can tune your receiver using SDR Console. It is not immediately obvious that it can be used this way, and it takes a couple of hoop jumps to get there. For now, it seems the only frequency tuning implemented is for US NOAA weather stations, at least that is all that I have found. There could be more that I haven't yet found, because there is a lot to this software.

Anyhow to set it up, you'll need this... ... e_app.html

I have it configured like this:

COM2 is the VSP selected in Console
Next, you set up the dxtb in the Setup menu
I hope someone finds this useful. Chris Smolinski, the author is a good guy and he writes great software for our hobby.

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