Antenna presentations

Videos of SDR Console in action
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Antenna presentations


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I made a few specific receive antennas and these videos are showing the results on SDRconsole.

This one is a 1.8 m by 1.8m passive loop tuned to 17.2 kHz pointing @ Sweden for the reception of a SAQ transmission.

The second is showing the difference between a 200 m Beverage and a LIRA antenna which is only 23 meters in length. The object is TA-MW broadcast dx . For clean reception the backside and sidelobes must be well attenuated to avoid broadcast coming in from European broadcasters. My location is Niel, Belgium and the UK is my signal path, but cannot be avoided. You can hear the cleaner signal coming from the LIRA antenna when tuned to a USA broadcast station.

73' Ron

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