Elad Tmate 2 controller

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Elad Tmate 2 controller


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Good evening,
I would like to buy Tmate 2, but before doing so, I would like to know this: If by opening two simultaneous instances with ic9700 and ic7300 (I have panadapter in both Icom devices), can I control them both with only one Elad controlller?
Before asking the question, I wrote to Elad who advised me to ask the question directly on the forum because they were unable to answer.
Thanks in advance for the answer,
73 de IZ4IRY

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Re: Elad Tmate 2 controller


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I'd go ask on the Elad support forum if they have one. This is a support forum for SDRConsole and the rest of the SDR-Radio.com package.

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Re: Elad Tmate 2 controller


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I have the Tmate controller.
It will only work enabled in one running instance of SDR console.
If enabled in second instance the display just flashes on the Tmate and is unusable in either instance.

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