Version 3.1 was released on Monday, August 2nd 2021. Now back to user requests.

3.1, Release Notes

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3.1, Release Notes


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  • Released on 06:11 August 2nd, 2021
  • Updated at 17:55 August 2nd, 2021 to fix a bug with QO-100 beacon locking
  • Updated at 11:11 August 3rd, 20201. QO-100 beacon locking has been restored to the 3.0.28 code.

The main changes are:
  • Performance,
  • Voice keyer.

3D Waterfall
  • Pressing Escape no longer closes the window.

Datafile Editor
  • Display correct finish time.
  • Fixed logic for duplicate entries.

I've been working on reducing the number of Direct2D (DirectX) resources created in each window which has a very big effect on CPU when refreshing / updating a window. This is very important in the Spectrum and Waterfall windows which are regularly refreshed. This kit runs very well on my 32-bit W7 laptop which uses a Core2DUO 2GHz T5870 CPU from 2008. In fact, it runs so well that I've completely removed the automatic low power settings, these are now optional in the Ribbon bar, Tools, Settings panel.

Recording Scheduler
  • Added a date (yyyy-mm-dd) sub-folder option.
Recording Scheduler
Recording Scheduler

Voice Keyer
Added a voice keyer to the Transmit panel. Click ... for the options.
Voice Keyer Panel
Voice Keyer Panel
Select Recordings
Select Recordings
Make Recording
Make Recording
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Re: 3.1, Release Notes


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Hi Simon,

First of all thank you for the new SDR Console release.

I am not sure if you can help me, but I found a problem when I am trying to access my QO-100 Adalm Pluto transceiver remotely.

On the Radio Definition I have configured the address as "ip:mypersonalDDNS" and port 0. It doesn't matter which port is configured here, as the software will send TCP frames only with destination port 30431 (checked with WireShark).


This worked very well and I was able to access my Pluto SDR from outside my network by using up to and including version 3.0.26.
However, starting version 3.0.27, the SDR Console is crashing if I try to connect.


If I put the external IP on the address field, like "", it is working as before, with no crashes.
Somehow the latest 3 new SDR Console releases doesn't accept the DDNS anymore on the address field.
I've tested on versions 3.0.27, 3.0.28 and the latest 3.1 (64 bit version only).

Any advise would be highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,

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Re: 3.1, Release Notes


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Amazing! Keeps getting optimally better and better....Simon is the Man with a Big Plan!

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