3.1 build 2470 makes me happy :-)

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3.1 build 2470 makes me happy :-)


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Hi, Simon, today I realised I was some releases behind and I noted the 3.1 build 2470 release notes showing the waterfall as playback option :-)

Really really nice for me to play with, the possibility to choose a signal on the waterfall, for which you can set your resolution in lines per second makes it very easy to playback (unknown) satellite signals captured in a recording.

Also the progress indicator where you can see the playback is behind the signal disappearing works very convenent for me. The waterfall for a 4 hour recording with 4 MHz bandwidth (recorded on SSD) only takes seconds to generate.

The release topic itself is closed so I could not add my comments to the last topic.

Do you expect to add an option to save the generated waterfall as image ? And maybe a "minimize" icon in the right top corner, to temporarily hide the screen not having it attached to the main SDC console window ?

Thanks again !

Ben - PE2BZ

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Re: 3.1 build 2470 makes me happy :-)


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hello Ben
you should join the test team .. the "actual" version is now 2490 (yes you are 20 behind)
greetz sigi dg9bfc

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