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V3.2 Release Notes


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V3.2 is available as a public bets, download beta kits here.

Main Features
  • Updated dot product code with highly optimised assembler (machine code). This is part of an ongoing project to reduce the CPU load with high bandwidths.
  • Added Continuum display: Ribbon Bar, View, Spectrum, Continuum.

24 June 2022

When the monitor display state changes (example: switched on / off due to inactivity) Console was not properly refreshed. I found out how to do this, supported for Windows 8 and above according to the documentation, it also works with Windows 7.

The recording data cache now works again!

20 June 2022

Fixed a transmit frequency bug whereby the transmit frequency was not correctly synchronising as the receive frequency was changed.

Added support for the Delta offset option. Use Shift + Mouse left button, Shift + Mouse scroll wheel to adjust.

16 June 2022

Reduced unnecessary updates on the status bar.
Wide FM output level reduced by 10% to 90% of theoretical peak. Was too high for some external demodulators, also may have been clipping internally

14 June 2022
Real Men Write Machine Code
Writing low-level stuff to squeeze a CPUs performance is fun, haven't really done this in anger for 30 years. Written my own SSE / AVX / AVX2 code for DotProduct, managed to beat Intel's performance library by a factor of two.

This is needed when the 160 Msps / 600 Msps SDRs appear.

09 June 2022

Been reading Understanding Digital Signal Processing: Lyons, Richard: 9780137027415: Books (only 954 pages) and have been learning, understanding, and optimising some decimation code. This is a magnificent book, well worth the money, everyone should have a copy.

03 June 2022

This kit refreshes the display when starting and changing monitor. Seems that a recent W11 (and W10 maybe) update has changed part of the Windows display manager.

Tune drive level is reset to 0 if either:

More than 10 seconds has elapsed since last Tune, or
The transmit frequency has changed.

24 May 2022 06:33

NR4 settings will now revert to the default, future changes are saved. This is because the currently saved defaults are for the old design.
Voice Keyer now saves the file selection between sessions.
DX Cluster will now continually try to reconnect if the selected server is unavailable, for example I must take mine offline for a few minutes every month for OS updates.

21 May 2022 19:49

Added customisable font size for the Signal History / Continuum grid annotation.

20 May 2022 20:51

Added option to display the Signal History / Continuum signal level at the cursor position.

12 May 2022

New NR4.

lucianodato/libspecbleach: C library for audio noise reduction (github.com). The code will be continually updated, so I’ll be updating NR4. Note that the Github code uses FFTW which I have replaced with Intel’s IPP library. The default values should be OK, I’ll add more documentation later.

06 May 2022

This kit has the first version of a Continuum display:

Ribbon bar, Spectrum, Continuum Mode (shares the display code with Signal History). At present the continuum is computed from the frequency and bandwidth of the main display. The first second of data is ignored, it will take a few seconds before the display is updated.
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