3.0.27 Download & Release Notes

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3.0.27 Download & Release Notes


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June 9th, 2021
I now have the code-signing certificate renewed so these kits are now signed.

64-bit: 32-bit:
This release fixes a fatal crash, a bug with the fractional resampler and has greatly improved RDS decoding sensitivity.

Bug Fix
The fractional resampler was not being initialised correctly - narrow bandwidths were not generated with the correct precision. As a result:
  • Analyser would show incorrect timescale,
  • Data File Editor was creating files with wrong length,
  • Narrow modes such as CW will have been less smooth than expected, audio may have 'pops' and crackles'.
The extent of the error depends on the sample rate of the SDR and the selected mode.

EXE, DLL Details
  • Updated legal copyright and product name for EXEs and DLLs.
  • The new DLL DSPFunctions.dll was not unloaded as the program exited, this was causing a crash (Please Wait) on some systems. This has now been fixed in SDR Console and the Data File Editor.
  • Fixed fatal crash when modifying identities from the startup window.
Data File Editor
  • Now supports a list of input files as created by SDR Console.
  • Centre Frequency is reset when starting and when a new input file is selected.
  • Added small button to the right of centre frequency which resets the cf.
  • Fixed bug where TX was not enabled when quickly changing TX > RX > TX, usually only seen when running VOX.
Frequency Database
  • Update URLs for FM and AM lists.
Memory Leak
  • Fixed leak when zooming.
  • Removed Pure Signal display as it wasn't used and may have been responsible for a leak.
  • Message handling timer reduced from 2ms to 5ms.
  • Message handling timer messages not sent to base class (unnecessary processing).
  • Compiled with the latest libiio and libad9361 libraries.
  • Fixed group 8 errors.
  • Redundant code removed.
  • DSP updated, sensitivity increased.
  • Fixed annoying bugs which are only seen when a time range is enabled.
Ribbon Bar
  • Removed Extra Bands from the View, General panel. This was only used by ANAN and even then not properly. Will be restored as part of the Multi-Band display.
RX Monitor
  • Now working properly (with luck), also tuned for low latency.
RX and TX Panes
  • When floating the panes could consume an unnecessarily high CPU. This has been fixed.
  • Adding support for the new image which uses less power and supports the Mk2.
  • Rewritten to support the latest (Jan 8th) image, also supports the RX888 Mk2 (may not yet be available, I don't know).
  • Does not have full calibration support.
  • HF Gain only works with the RX888 Mk2.
  • Will be a work in progress for another few weeks.
  • Added binaural with help from Moe @ RFspace.
Scheduled Recordings
  • Added a Stop Radio option.
  • Fixed a bug where the title bar was always black.
  • Added more diagnostics and sanity checks to track down a problem with a radio being locked via a Mutex after the session has closed.
  • Tuning bars now optional, see attachment.
Added support for G31, G33, G39. More to come soon.
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