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SDRGlut with Raspberry pi4

Discussion of the RTL-SDR type of radios suct as Noo-Elec etc.
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SDRGlut with Raspberry pi4


Unread post by Heinzmesch »

As you can see, I have installed SDRGlut and RtAudio.
I am using Raspberrry pi 4 and LimeSDR usb and have this problem, I cannot open SDRGlut. Can you help, please.
Software start -command?
Thank you very much in advance for your solution.
Screen Shot 05-14-21 at 08.44 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 05-14-21 at 08.43 PM.PNG
Screen Shot 05-14-21 at 08.47 PM.PNG

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Re: SDRGlut with Raspberry pi4


Unread post by jdow »

I'm sorry but I don't really think you will get much help on those things here. This site is for the SDR-Radio.com products, SDRConsole, SDRServer, etc. You will have to find other support for SDRGlut, whatever it is. And since SDRConsole etc do NOT run on Linux your RaspPi stuff is also more or less an unknown quantity.


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