RTL SDR poor signals

Discussion of the RTL-SDR type of radios suct as Noo-Elec etc.
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RTL SDR poor signals


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I use a Kenwood TS-870 and i am using the IF-Out on the rig that goes to my RTL-SDR V3 USB dongle
Omnirig is installed to controle the radio and everything is working very well.

The only thing i have is that on the 80 and 40 meter band signals, QSO's, are visible on the waterfall but the more i go up the bands 20, 15 and 10 the less information i have.

Although there is activity the signals with a S9+ are hardly visible and signals with S5 are not visible anymore.
Is there a way to adjust the reception sensitivity?

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40 meter strong signals
40 meter strong signals
20 meter hardly visible
20 meter hardly visible

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Re: RTL SDR poor signals


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What frequency is used with that Kenwood for its IF output?

You might also show an image showing the gain and sample rate settings for the dongle. You might simply need to increase the gain setting on the dongle. (For general use about the 19-22 dB range is usually as good as it gets.


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