SDR Console v3.1 - Anan 7000DLE MKII

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SDR Console v3.1 - Anan 7000DLE MKII


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Greetings - I'm new here.

I am unable to obtain a stable connection with 3.1. My difficulties began after installing a VPN and adjusting settings per what seemed to be required. I am still able to connect with my Brand X software. Console 3.1 will connect at the same IP, but the connection drops in <1 minute. Brand X runs without disconnecting. Before the VPN software attempt I believe I was obtaining stable connections with Console 3.1.

I suspect some alternation was made while using the VPN software which has now been removed from the computer.

I'll confess to not being particularly network savvy.

Suggestions welcome.

Dick - KA5KKT

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Re: SDR Console v3.1 - Anan 7000DLE MKII


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That strongly suggests the problem is related to the VPN, ya know. One thing to try is reducing the network load by reducing your sample rate selection.

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