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Old driver version

All bug reports here please
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Old driver version


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I got a SDRPlay RSPDx and I installed all drivers correctly but now if I wanna add the receiver, this message appears:

The problem is that my installed driver is too new or the SDR Console driver is too old

What can I do to fix this problem?

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Re: Old driver version


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It should work with the latest API/HW Driver 3.07 packed with SDRuno 1.40.2
I can recommend only one solution, un- and re-install the API again and reboot the PC before you run SDRConsole again.
Then delete the SDRplay radio (under Select Radio pane) and add it again.

I don't know your knowledge level.... but you can't run SDRC and SDRuno on the same SDRplay receiver at the sane time.

regards, Leon

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