MMSSTV and the new YoniQ Mode

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MMSSTV and the new YoniQ Mode


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As your probably aware? MMSSTV has been updated a bit into the 21st century by some EA's over there in Espania , the latest version is 1.13.3 and is on the EA's website and use a translator , YoniQ does have some quirks still .

The YoniQ mode is propriety to this version above and the previous v1.13.2 and has its own mode button .

The YoniQ mode is around 3 seconds slower than scottie 2 which 71 seconds for a 320x256 so is around 75 seconds also with a much slower scan/sync rate (about half) than scottie 2.

The YoniQ mode can only be decoded by another Yoniq! otherwise it just looks like a smear of colours .

Now onto the quick test we did last night on 40m , distance around 1200klm , the band a bit crashy/staticy both ends , sigs around S8 both ends and fairly steady , same goes for the Noise .

These are the RX pictures i received

1st is YoniQ then Scottie 2 look at the time which is the last 4 numbers in UTC , IE:1026 utc

3, 4 , 5 are YoniQ , then Scottie 2 , then Scottie 1 being the last one

Cheers Paul VK4AGK
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