SDRConsole Version 3.3 Build 3048

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SDRConsole Version 3.3 Build 3048


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Version 3.3 Build 3048 , i just updated to the latest version August 1st 2023 and very nice .
I really like the auto upgrade feature (one just runs the downloaded exe) and so far it does not mess anything else up like the saved memory's and Markers :D

Just a side note listening atm on 40m SSB to a low level overseas station on a crashy band here in Au at night 10pm local , on the Yaesu FT-2000D and OCFD and splitter/RSPdx combo with barley intelligible audio recovery from the speakers direct from the ft-2000d with all the gadgets turned on and adjusted , yet just about fully intelligible audio on SDRconsole with the Neural network on NR3 .

Kudos Simon .

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