3.0.28, Release Notes

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3.0.28, Release Notes


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The kits are on the download page.


3D Waterfall
This is the main new feature. For more information and a couple of videos just click here.
  • Ribbon bar, View, Waterfall, 3D.
  • Requires Windows 10, DirectX 12.
Here's a screenshot
Here's a screenshot
Datafile Editor
Added a page on the website.

Broadcast FM MPX
The Broadcast FM MPX option is now saved between sessions.

Serial Port
Serial port command SM reply was incorrect, only returning 4 digits instead of 5.

Audio Recording
Fixed recording SAM with binaural (stereo) enabled.

Audio Playback
Reduced clicks in the output.

Fixed bugs in data flow control.

Added more program optimisations.

When clicking on 'Select' in the Receive pane to change the active receiver a small safeguard has been added to catch unintentional double-clicks which resulted in a frequency change.

Automatic IQ recording of satellite passes should now honour the Automatic Schedule.
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Re: 3.0.28, Release Notes


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Hi Simon...

Wanted to let you know, that I downloaded from the Microsoft (and I think Google?) "boxes" got a file labeled 3.0.28, that ended up loading 3.0.24??

The Dropbox one contained an actual 3.0.28.

The 3d display is pretty cool... now that I actually have the update! Will run around and check everything else out...

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