Andrus SDR MK 1.5 NetSDR local and internet

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Andrus SDR MK 1.5 NetSDR local and internet


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Currently I prefer the NetSDR protocol which has been an interesting learning curve for me. The protocol is local only- porting to the internet directly doesn't work for whatever reason.
my efforts to date my 10 year old can work it.

SDR console server program, so the program connects locally via Lan network to Andrus SDR and retransmission to the internet on another port..

When connected there is a bug that dB setting on ribbon must be cycled locally to get sound and remote internet to make waterfall appear.

There is a click noise which is buffering?and one user max locally or remote internet.

I would like to enquire with SDR console as to if multiple users are possible- the program can launch child processes locally and tune multiple frequency on one computer simultaneously-so would it be possible to allow 3-4 internet users or limitation on NetSDR or Andrus hardware?


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