Elad FDM S3 Sensitivity on FM

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Elad FDM S3 Sensitivity on FM


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Since the beginning of this years 'E' season, I have noted that sensitivity of my S3 is not as good as it once was. A weak FM signal in slightly noisy mono on the Airspy Discovery is completely inaudible on the Elad.

When I first installed the S3 last year, sensitivity was on par with the XDR, SB920 & Airspy Discovery. I have not changed anything in the antenna configuration, but as a test I have swapped connection cables with Discovery, no change. Whether I use the Elad software or SDR Console makes no difference. Connecting the Elad directly to the antenna, after the TGN ulna, does improve things. It is as though the Elad's internal amp has become passive. Having said that, if I turn on the software pre-amp, the Elad overloads on FM, just as it has always done.

As far as I can tell, due to strong local noise, the Elad's sensitivity on HF is as good as ever, and is on par with Discovery and my old Icom IC-R70.

Am I correct in thinking that it is not possible to accidentally disable the Elad's internal pre-amp? I don't have any software attenuation selected.

I am open to suggestions before I contact MLS about this.

Thanks for any input.

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