Using Analyzer with a sub-sequence of recorded files

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Using Analyzer with a sub-sequence of recorded files


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I have SDR-Console V3.2 running continuously recording the VHF channel of my SCADA system to sequential IQ files of 1GHz size (about 8 minutes each.) My intention is that if there is a problem such as interference on the channel, I will be able to go back and view the recordings around that time. The files are saved to a large SSD drive that can save several days of sequential files. I have a Python program monitoring the disk space on that drive and when it gets within a preset amount of free space it deletes the oldest file, so I always have the most recent several days of data available.

Today I tried to use Analyzer to look at a set of 52 files (48.4GB, about 6 hours of recording) with names sequentially number from 1405 to 1456. I create a new Project in Analyzer, selecting the first of my files (the one ending 1405.wav) and it proceeds to process and display that one file. It appears to work correctly.

But I would like to process the entire series of files so that I can easily search within the entire length of time. Is there a way for me to have Analyzer process the entire series of files in one go?

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