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I'm very confused why binaural is available for AM and SAM, but not DSB.

SAM-Binaural makes sense in phase-locking the (virtual) CIO to the *strongest* carrier.
An "unlocked" DSB-Binaural alternative would be useful for resolving stations with closely-spaced carrier offsets - by "shifting focus".
Even with Console's 1 Hz minimum tuning resolution, pumping/flutter/formant characteristics can help to distinguish stations in a co-channel group.
(while down to 0.1 Hz would be even better...)
(as would a mHz-RBW spectrum display...)

AM-Binaural seems not to be equivalent, lacking any product detector beat.
(though it's not clear to me how the L/R spacing effect is achieved here!)

Yes, I realise that MW DX is a poor relation to you Radio Amateur guys. ;)
But thanks for listening.
Paul White (Grumpy Old Git)

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