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Signal/Spectrum History

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Signal/Spectrum History


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I do understand that SDRC is a radio, not a measuring or data logging instrument. But Signal History is one example of Simon pushing the boundaries to good effect. Could I float the idea for two extensions?

1. Signal History, as well as having a CSV Save option, to have a "replay" facility - preferably at varying speeds.

2. A new Spectrum* History at low resolution (e.g. 200-500 points) and low sampling rate, with replay facility as above.

From my point of view, such a pair could be an invaluable self-contained** RFI diagnostic kit for both spikes and broadband noise. Perhaps also for propagation monitoring (after the event, of course).

* In some ways more informative than a waterfall-style history.
** i.e. within SDRC, no external programs needed.
Paul White (Grumpy Old Git)

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